Whitening synergy effect by twice fermented lotus water and 3 colours whitening ample capsules

Capsule is softer, Essence is fresher, Whitening is more effective

1. Melting capsules like snow

White ample capsule which softly melted by 1 layer capsule which fermented for 6 days

2. Moisture UP, Stickiness DOWN

Fresh and moist essence by decreasing stickiness and increasing moisture

3. Contains 5% of Niacin Amide

5% of Niacin Amide helps to mak skin bright

4. Ample + Essence + Blending technology

Maintaining of the Technology which is Blending Ample capsule with Essence

Floria Whitening Capsule Essence

SKU: SB03018000
  • White ample capsule (Pearl): White ample capsules with pearl changes to shiny skin

    Yellow ample capsule (Vitamin C): Vitamin C yellow capsule

    Light-blue ample capsule (Glacial water): Moist capsule gives moisture and relaxation effect to the skin

    White Lotus: With the white lotus flower, it is more transparent, mpore pure and more hydrating

    Double fermentation: Minimises the size of key effective particles allowing them to penetrate into skin more speedily and to be absorbed more deeply, makes formula milder and softer, creates more-enriched nutrition


  • 1. After taking a proper amount, apply it with a patting motion to increase absorption




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